Committed to change

Tasfachin goal is to train youth and adults from undeserved communities and integrate them in the labor market.

How we do it ?! At Tasfachin activity center we maintain a well organized and robust system of private lessons and group learning in all relevant fields such as Math, History, English and more. Tasfachin activity center is open to our 130 students every day with the purpose of helping our students fulfill their potential.


New year at Tasfachin

 Additional activities offered by the Association:
Guitar class, Choir, Theater shows, Museums tours sites
1. significant reduction in the percentage of dropout from the education system.
2. Significant improvement in students' academic achievement
3. High percent of our Alumni serve in the IDF or in the national service.
4. Tasfachin graduates are now integrated in various academic institutions, including medical students, law students and more.